The song of the Healing Woman

I am a healing woman.

I heal myself to live myself. Following my path in my own unique flow. I am wonderful, a miracle of creation. I create myself from the bottom of my soul. I choose to magnetize what my heart is calling for. I dare to be vulnerable, to be soft and tender. Again and again.

I am a healing woman.

I breathe in. Tasting life in all its flavors and dimensions.
I breathe out. Allowing my best to flow into this world to multiply and magnify.

I shine bright in the dark night. I sing and dance my heart song. I am lightful essence. A universe within the universe. I know that with every Yes I give to myself I give a Yes to life itself. I open up to graze. I heal the world from within me. I am a healing woman.

My tears, a sign of my strength. Of letting go what I held and carried for so long. Purifying tears, the melting of the ice around my heart. Obstacles can no longer hold me back. They help me grow even stronger and help me grow wings.

I am a healing woman.

I wear my scars like ornaments on my robe. The pain and wounds I suffered and healed become the diamonds of my medicine. They are my precious. I come to peace. Step by step. I know that I will never be perfect and that’s ok. I keep on walking my path.

I am a healing woman.

In my veins flows the blood of my ancestors. The people that walked the earth before me. I allow their ever-present power to push me further than they ever went.

I am alive. And this is my time.

I am a healing woman.



Are you a healing woman, too?

written on a warm summernight in *** 2016


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